Defining Next Gen Satellite Requirements to Measure EBVs

2018-04-25 12:51:31    /    by Catherine Reynolds

Defining Satellite Sensor Requirements for Monitoring Essential Biodiversity Variables of Coastal Ecosystems

Current and planned satellites are not designed to observe the Essential Biodiversity Variables that change rapidly. This new peer-reviewed paper in Ecological Applications by MBON researchers outlines the technical specifications for a new generation of satellite sensors to collect data necessary for observing EBVs. 

Go to Journal Article DOI: 10.1002/eap.1682.

To see map detail for Figure 1, click open image viewer in the publication


Muller-Karger, Frank E., E. Hestir, C. Ade, K. Turpie, D. Roberts, D. Siegel, R.J. Miller, D. Humm, N. Izenberg, M. Keller, F. Morgan, R. Frouin, A.G. Dekker, R. Gardner, J. Goodman, B. Schaeffer, B. Franz, N. Pahlevan, A.G. Mannino, J.A. Concha, S.G. Ackleson, K.Cavanaugh, A. Romanou, M. Tzortziou, E. Boss, R. Pavlick, A.Freeman, C.S. Rousseaux, J. Dunne, M.C. Long, E. Klein, G.A. McKinley, J. Goes, R. Letelier, M. Kavanaugh, M. Roffer, A. Bracher, K.R. Arrigo, H. Dierssen, X. Zhang, F.W. Davis, B. Best, R. Guralnick, J. Moisan, H.M. Sosik, R. Kudela, C.B. Mouw, A. Barnard, S. Palacios, C. Roesler, E.G. Drakou, W. Appeltans, W. Jetz.  (2018) Satellite Sensor Requirements for Monitoring Essential Biodiversity Variables of Coastal Ecosystems, Ecological Applications. Ecological Society of America Vol 28. Issue 3, April 2018, Pages 749-760


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