US MBON Data Strategies Discussed at ESIP

2017-03-10 09:53:08    /    by oruga

MBON data integration and coordination strategies were discussed in two sessions at the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) annual winter meeting, Bethesda, MD, USA, 11-13 January 2017. Margaret O’Brien (Santa Barbara Channel MBON) led the “Harmonizing vocabularies for population studies” session which focused on tasks needed to fully operationalize the conceptual “Essential Biodiversity Variables”, or EBVs, so they can be applied to MBON datasets, much the same way that CF Conventions are applied to measurements of physical phenomena, and for closer alignment between Darwin Core terms and the varied field observations managed by MBONs.

The session “Reeling in the biologists: connecting the dots between observers, integrators, and decision makers” hosted by Abby Benson (USGS-OBIS) discussed strategies to produce datasets that can be incorporated into indicators. The group examined connections between MBONs, US IOOS and the Marine Biodiversity Virtual Laboratory (MBVL, funded by NSF) which is developing a computational framework for modeling and predicting biodiversity.

The US MBON DMAC team hold regular calls to work on areas of common interest relating to observations and data that can be incorporated into indicators.


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