Two ONMS Videos Highlight Monterey Bay MBON Research

2017-03-22 21:51:42    /    by oruga

The Office of National Marine Sanctuaries (ONMS) ‘Earth is Blue’ video series produced two videos which highlight MBON research and activities in Monterey Bay.

In “Exploring the Davidson Seamount”  Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Research Coordinator Andrew DeVogelaere gives an overview while on the NOAA Ship Bell M. Shimada during a research cruise with MBON collaborators. DeVogelaere highlights the research activities and several  advanced technologies used to study the biodiversity of fish, sea birds and other marine life in the MBNMS.

In the short video titled “Pelagic Red Crabs,”  pelagic red crabs (Pleuroncodes planipes) are shown washing up on the beaches of southern Monterey Bay, while Andrew DeVogelaere discusses the possible cause of this unusual event. MBON is highlighted as an important partnership helping the sanctuary to better understand changing ocean conditions and the influence on wildlife in the sanctuary.


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