Pinellas County Formal Education Activities

2017-03-22 22:01:02    /    by oruga

Chris Simoniello, Ph.D., GCOOS/MBON Outreach and Education is working with three schools in Pinellas County to incorporate IOOS and MBON into the curricula. The Lakewood High School Academy for Aquatic Management Systems and Environmental Technology (AMSET) Program lead is working with Simoniello to enhance their STEM content and establish a mentoring program for the AMSET students.  Bay Point Elementary and Gulf Beaches Elementary schools are working with Simoniello on an ocean-themed curriculum for the 2016-17 gifted program, which includes five field work trips. Support for the field work is anticipated from the NOAA Climate Stewards Program, providing a strong link with IOOS, MBON, NOAA Climate Stewards and Weather Ready Nation efforts.


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